"The heat is on" #1

When Hayden's fiancé breaks off their engagement, her whole world falls apart. After all, she has loved Heath Fitzpatrick since they were children. Though she can hardly believe he really wants the breakup, she picks up the pieces of her life and tries to accept the new situation.


But her efforts are thwarted time and again by the rest of the Fitzpatrick clan, who have always been part of her life—and who are notorious for being outspoken, persistent, and downright meddlesome. None of Heath's siblings are above adding their own two cents. Or twenty.


Even Heath himself, a daring firefighter, seems to be having trouble adjusting to his new single life. So how in the world is Hayden supposed to move on, forget the plans they made for the future, and get Heath off her mind? And even more difficult—she'll need to banish him from her heart, forever.

"Blast from the past" #2

Shane Fitzpatrick is irresistible and he knows it.

Tall, dark, and handsome, the detective with the Boston police has women swoon over him left and right.


So far, the stubborn Irish Romeo hasn't complained about it, but recently he feels increasingly ready to skip the many dates, and look for the one woman to settle down with.


Too bad that the only woman he's ever had real feelings for doesn't even know his real name. To make matters worse, she also has every reason to wish he were roasting in the deepest recess of hell ...

"More than a feeling" #3

As the only girl in a family with five children, Kayleigh Fitzpatrick learned to assert herself at a young age, since she didn't want to end up tied to the stake. It’s paid off for her, as these days, she stands her ground as a physician in a chaotic emergency room, dealing with all kinds of emergencies—like rioting patients trying to attack helpless nurses.

However, as the unmarried only daughter of a very Catholic mother, she is sick of listening to the constant admonition to start looking for a husband and make babies. The problem is, Kayleigh knows that her take-charge, tomboyish attitude and her hot temper tend to frighten off most men, and she doesn't want to change for anyone because she simply likes herself the way she is.

The only thing she really needs right now is a date for her brother Shane's wedding, having bragged in front of all her brothers that she wouldn't have a problem finding a companion for the special occasion. When her plan doesn't quite work out, and she could already hear the jeers and mockery of her merciless siblings, help arrives from someone she did not have on her radar at all.

"All tied up" #4

Ryan Fitzpatrick may come from a family in which he’d feel his mother’s wooden spoon if he declared that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, or that she should defer to her man, but he still goes for the type of girl that wouldn’t think of curbing his freedom, telling him what to do, or making demands. If he were to commit to any woman, she wouldn’t be complicated, let alone pigheaded or irascible—he doesn’t want to end up with a woman like his sister, whose loudmouthed temper is enough to drive a man crazy.

But by some embarrassing twist of fate, he meets Jordan Esposito, a woman even more domineering and hotheaded than his sister. And Jordan is responsible for Ryan’s absolute and total humiliation.

Luckily, he has sworn never to go out with obstinate, complicated, maddening women. But would it really be so bad if he made an exception just this once?

"A matter of trust" #5

Kyle Fitzpatrick is married to his job. As an emergency physician, he expends all his energy on the welfare of his patients. He’s especially good with small children, going far beyond his duties to make sure his small patients aren’t scared. Of course, that fact constantly rouses the interest of the nurses Kyle works with. Scores of them have their sights set on the handsome doctor, who isn’t wearing a ring on his finger ... yet.


But Kyle has his own problems, and they all revolve around an implacable woman named Morgan, who’s standing in the way of happiness in his private life.


Or is it possible Morgan is actually the key to that happiness?

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